We will make machinging process for product that needs very high accuracy which can not be done by finishing process. 

     Moreover, we have done machining process with modern machine and efficient production processes to provide the best quality products. 
     We use machining center, CNC controller 4-axis, which can proceed multi-dimentional machining and also can proceed several processes with a single production cycle quickly and accurately.

             We have production process design and continuous development of machining process.
             We can design tooling and equipment for production process by technology of CAD/CAM
software and also can create models of process before starting to create tooling in machining process.
             Then, we are able to prepare jig & fixture for machining process before sample production.

         JIG & FIXTURE in the machining process is designed to run pneumatic systems to hold
workpieces and at the end of  machining process, the door will be opened automatically and it
takes shorten time processes. It also helps us to make sure workpiece assembly to jig or not.       
               If the workpiece is not in the specified position or distance, the Sensor Cylinder Clamp will
                     be alerted and allows the process to be stopped before damage.