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1. Living cost allowance.        12. Uniform
2. Housing allowance.             13. Holiday budget
3. Petrol allowance.                 14. Cooperative
4. Supporting child allowance                                   15. Allowance for working outside of company
5. Shift allowance.                   16. Experience reward
6. Incentive pay allowance                                        17. Yearly health check.  
7. Extra Incentive Pay allowance    18. Sport day
8. Provident fund19. Buy back vacation leave
9. Funeral fund allowance20. Cheap price of food. 
10. Funeral host allowance.21. Compamy’s insurance.
11. Bonus22. New year’s party
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Public Relations



This activity was held to improve working conditions to be convenient,and encourage staff to realize on safety as
a priority it’s able to reach effective cleanliness, productivity with quality.
– Evaluation activity in 20 -25 of every months
– Activity to follow up in 1-10 of every months award the best performance division
– Evaluate by supervisor, committee and executives in the end of months
– Activity Summary
– Award the best performance division
– Meeting review performance plan in every months

This activity is held to enhance potential performance and exceed goals.
Staff have to pay attention on their task and concentrate on improving their skills to accomplish assignment efficiently.
-Each division represents improvement topic to committee
-Analysis and summarize activity by undertakers
-Award the best performance division
-Publicize on company’s board
This activity was held occasional it depends on staff represents their topic.

Training activities are held to educate employees according to annual training plans which the content provides deeply knowledge for their work performance effectively.
Lecturers were invited from outside to implement knowledge about various issues that are essential involve to current job performance.