Our Production

         Thai Akiba Co.,Ltd. is an aluminum die casting manufacturer that supplies our products, including electronics parts to automotive industry and various other industries.

         Thai Akiba Co.,Ltd. has brought the new innovations and advanced technology to use in manufacturing processes by automatic machinery system fully and can produce the product rapidly , response customer’s requirement on time and reduce manufacturing mistakes. Moreover, our products have the quality and standard.

         Furthermore, we use the raw materials from a leading company of Thailand in manufacturing processes and get low cost product but high quality to meet customer’s needs as well.

Characteristic of raw material / tooling / machine

Production process

Quality Management System

“From Customer to Customer”

“Measuring Equipment”

Packaging & Delivery



Company Layout

Our customer

Thai Koito Co.,Ltd.

Aisin Thai Automotive Casting Co.,Ltd.

Daisin Co.,Ltd.

Kayama Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Yamada Somboon Co.,Ltd.

Furukawa Automotive Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Elematec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

India Japan Lighting Pvt. Ltd.